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Crepe Bandage | Elastic Crepe Bandage

Crepe Bandage, Elastic Crepe Bandage, Cotton Crepe Bandage

Product Introduction

Composition: 80% cotton and 20% spendex. Weight: 65g/m2, 75g/m2, 80g/m2, 90g/m2
Specification: Width 5cm, 7.5cm, 10cm, 15cm,20cm. Length 4.5m,avaible in various stretched length.
The recommended items of the product: Crepe Bandage, Elastic Crepe Bandage, Cotton Crepe Bandage.


Easy to Open Wrapper:A easy open tab built into the wrapper of the bandage
Includes Bandage Clip/s:Cotton crepe bandages have a built in bandage clip for a convenient method of fastening the bandage. Larger size bandage have two clips, smaller bandages have one.


Recommended for low support requirements, and can be used for the retention of dressings in ankle, wrist, knee,etc.