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Kinesiology Tape Nylon

Nylon Kinesiology Tape

Product Introduction

Made of nylon fabric.Medical grade hypo-allergenic acrylic glue.
Size and color can be customized.

Item No. Specification Rolls/Inner Box Rolls/Carton Carton Size
WD90909 3.8cm x 5m 32 192 55*36.5*38.5 cm
WD90909 5cm x 5m 24 144 55*36.5*38.5 cm
WD90909 7.5cm x 5m 16 96 55*36.5*38.5 cm

Application Reference
Kinesiology Tape

Other Kinesiology Tape in different material recommend as below:- Kinesiology Tape Rayon and Kinesiology Tape Cotton.


Sports protection: Widely used for the protection/ supporting /binding up in sport.
Muscle physiotherapy: Treatment of sports injury, cruciate ligament injury, pulled muscle, shoulder/neck strain and joint sprain.